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Apple Music is now available on PlayStation 5

Apple Music is now available on PlayStation 5

If you are an Apple Music as well as PlayStation 5 user, there is good news. One of the world’s leading music streaming services is now available on one of the world’s leading gaming platforms. The announcement was made by the Sony PlayStation team through a post on the official blog.

The integration makes PlayStation 5 the world’s first gaming console to support Apple Music. The app can be used for streaming high-quality music tracks, Apple Music Radio, and also for watching 4K music videos. It means users will get access to the whole music catalog of the service that is already available for smartphone, tablet, and desktop users.

Sony says Apple Music supports background music play on the PlayStation 5. This will allow users to enjoy their favorite tracks even while playing their favorite games. A user can choose to start music playback either before starting a game or when in the middle of playing it. The latter can be done by pressing the PS button on the DualSense controller and choosing the Music Function card from the Control Center. The good thing is that the app will even show playlist recommendations matching the kind of game that you are playing.

The background play also works for music videos. Sony says it is a seamless experience to play a video and then move to a game or some other window/setting while the audio keeps playing. When the user will get back to the video screen, it will play right from the part that is getting played. The Apple Music app is available to download from the Media space on the console.

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