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DJ Drama Says He & Drake Have “Women In Common”

DJ Drama has been incredibly mum when it comes to the Drake vs. Meek Mill feud. Things have passed since with Drake and Meek reconnecting, squashing their beef, and even going on vacation with each other. All is well in the worlds of OVO x Dream Chaser but earlier this week, a new snippet from the latest episode of Drink Champs surfaced where N.O.R.E. got straight to business in asking DJ Drama about his role in the feud. It opened up with the host saying, “Drake smashed your girl,” but that doesn’t actually seem to be a factor in what went down.

Though there were a few perceived shots towards Drama, he doesn’t seem to be concerned about them entirely. He explained to N.O.R.E. that it was a misconception that Drake had sexual relations with his girlfriend while they were together but they did “share women,” apparently. “Me and Drake have shared women,” said Drama before N.O.R.E. chimed in with some animated commentary. “We have women in common,” Drama clarified. “The conversation was about a particular female at the time. She’s a great woman, honestly. He knew her years prior to me and her hooked up and everything. There was never any overlap… That situation had nothing to do with wound up happening with Meek, Quentin, Drake and myself,” he added.

N.O.R.E dived deeper into the root of the problem, asking if Meek first heard Quentin’s reference tracks at Means Streets Studios that Drama owns. Drama said that it became the narrative that he was maliciously trying to take down Drake because of the “women in common.” “I never had any ill intentions,” said Drama, explaining that everybody had a role in the incident going down the way it did. 

Drama said that Quentin actually took the biggest L in the incident, even if his role was minuscule. Drama explained that it was never Quentin Miller who played the records for Meek, adding that he doesn’t look at Drake differently because of the ghostwriting allegations. “I was trying to clarify something for Meek at the time and he thought something and I went against my better judgment by telling him something [that I shouldn’t have],” he said. “Explaining to him, ‘It’s not what you think it is.’ Meek went and handled it the way he chose to handle it but that wasn’t my handling.”

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Even though he insists that he wasn’t trying to have any role in taking Drake down, he said that the reason he remained quiet throughout the entire ordeal because he ended up catching heat. “I never wanted none of that to go down. In hindsight, it was an incredible battle for hip-hop and those guys have since become friends again. We can look at it as hip-hop history,” he concluded.

Check out the latest episode of Drink Champs below. DJ Drama talks Drake/Meek around the 16:15 mark. 

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