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‘The Rock’ is Rapping?

'The Rock' is Rapping?

Wrestler, actor, businessman and now – rapper? 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson laid down a verse on Face Off a new song on rapper Tech N9ne’s new album ASIN9NE. The song also features Joey Cool and King Iso.

The action star dropped a few lines at the end of the song and even used some profanity in his part.  

Dwayne ‘the rapper’ Johnson: The Rock rapped a verse on Face Off, a new song by Tech N9ne

Some of the lines Johnson raps are, ‘It’s about tribe, it’s about power/We stay hungry, we devour’ and ‘Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin’ with Strange/I change the game so what’s my motherf***kin’ name.’ 

While this is the first time the Jungle Cruise star has appeared on a rap album, the former football player once played the guitar while still in the WWE and appeared in a Wyclef Jean music video.

The star also appears in the music video that was released Friday afternoon.  

Top tier talent: Johnson appeared alongside impressive rapper in Tech N9ne, Joey Cool and King Iso

‘Give the people more’: The video starts with the Jumanji actor and the Fragile rapper agree that they have to give their fans ‘more’

Putting out more music: Face Off is a track on Tech N9ne’s new album ASIN9NE 

It begins with Tech N9ne and Johnson talking on the phone when the two agree they have to ‘give the people more.’  

Once the call ends, the actor says, with a smile on his face, ‘They’re gonna f*ck sh*t up.’

The video then begins in earnest with Tech N9ne, Joey Cool and King Iso each taking a verse.  

Near the end, The Rock removes his leather jacket and shows off his ripped arms in a tank top. He raps his part and even cocks his eyebrow in his trademark fashion.  

Intense flow: The Rock rapped with some intensity while standing in a room and rapping to the camera

Ripped: Johnson showed off his hulging muscles in a tiny Strange Music tank top. 

Once his verse ends, someone from offscreen throws him a bottle of his tequila Teremana. 

He then says, ‘Thank you, brother Tech N9ne,’ before taking a sip of the bottle.  

‘Thank you, Teremana,’ he then adds. ‘One take. That’s a wrap. Face Off.’ 

This comes after he sang a song for the Moana soundtrack. In 2016 he lent his vocal talents to the song You’re Welcome. 

Not giving up on acting: The Rock might enjoy music, but he has a number of film projects still on the way

While he might add rapping to his already busy schedule, the Central Intelligence star won’t be turning into a full-time musician any time soon.

Johnson has a number of acting projects on the horizon that he will start filming very soon including San Andreas 2, in which he will reprise his role from the original, and The King where he will play Hawaiian King Kamehameha. 

He is currently filming a voice acting role in the movie DC League of Super-Pets. He will voice Krypto alongside actors like Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves and John Krasinski. 

King Rock: Johnson will play King Kamehameha in the upcoming film titled The King

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson tries his hand at RAPPING as actor debuts on Tech N9ne track Face Off

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